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I was born in Silesia, the industrial part of Poland, though my family had been forcibly moved from Lviv, after WW2 when become a part of Ukraine. I was raised on longing, for the lost paradise, for the time which does not exist seeking refuge in the world of art, at first theatre and later in photography and filmmaking.

As a complete artist, both behind the lens and in front of it, I found freedom in the multi-ethnic world of London. 

I became interested in breaking conventions, thinking more in terms of poetry, always following my feelings and intuition. I like when things have their own unspoken history, imperfections, reflections, the crumbles of memories and dreams.

Being like a collector of eternal appearance; light is beginning and end of everything to me – the inner light of every person, light in the room, light of the past moment, waiting for the light…