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‘Tango Shoes’

A film written and directed by Elzbieta Piekacz {Mela Hilleard}

Short, Experimental, Art House, Drama, Independent, Author Cinema

9’, B&W, DSLR, 24 fps, 16:9, English, UK 2015


The film is about two women Rita and Nora.
They live in the same big city not knowing each other, though they come across the same objects: an apple, the heart, lipstick and shoes.

Rita is ‘self-made’ woman but desperately seeks love. She is addicted to tango and the illusion it creates. She is like ‘The little match girl’ from the Hans Christian Andersen fable. After dancing with a Man, Rita throws the silver shoes and leaves the tango club realising she is creating love from an illusion and that’s why she always feels lonely.

The silver shoes are going to be picked up by the homeless woman Nora and they become like a ‘key’ for her. She lives outside of reality, suspended between two words, passive like a leaf. She puts the silver shoes on and enters the tango club where everyone is dancing. She closes her eyes and her dream starts. She sees the stability that she lost and a pregnant Woman dancing with a Man.

This also coincides with Rita’s dream who is now crying. It is a representation of what Nora lost and Rita never had. Those two women are like Yin and Yang, two parts of the same person are coming together in last scene to dance; to get liberated, learning to love themselves first and finding peace in their own hearts.


Agnieszka Laskus & Magdalena Fajgier
Mariano Laplume & Maral Kojayan

Director: Elzbieta Piekacz
Script: Elzbieta Piekacz & Agnieszka Laskus
Assistant Director: Agnieszka Laskus
Cinematography: Victoria Romero
Edit: Kamil Dobrosielski
Music Supervisor: Mahlon Berv
Life Music performed by Alfredo Martin Espindola and Milo Bird